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Kimbolton Vineyards Pty Ltd

Beats & Eats - Fiesta Siesta

Date: Sun, 17/10/2021
Time 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Venue: Kimbolton Wines
Contact: Cellar Door Team
Phone: 0885373002
Email: events@kimboltonwines.com.au

Sunday 17th October | 11am- 4pm

Food truck: Taco Cat

Live music: Lucas Day (12pm - 4pm)


Gather your friends for our next Beats & Eats session - Fiesta Siesta

Book a table and join us for a fun afternoon of Mexican food, live music and Kimbolton wine in Langhorne Creek!

Adult tickets include a reserved table, glass of Kimbolton wine on arrival from our core range, mexican food and live music $50

Kids tickets (12 & under) include a juice box, mexican food and lawn games $30 

Enjoy special wine offers on the day.


Corn chips with salsa and guacamole - traditional mexican salsa and guacamole with home fried corn chips (GF)


Tacos served up on a 12cm gluten free white corn tortilla.

 (Adults choose 4 tacos, kids choose 3 tacos)

SENOR GARY - Refried beans topped with potatoes roasted in an ancho chilli rub.

Accompaniments: feta and roasted tomato & tomatillo salsa

HERBIE'S SHROOMS - Sauteed chipotle mushrooms.

Accompaniments: Smoked mozzarella, guacamole, coriander and rocket

CHUCK LES - Slow cooked, shredded beef ribs, simmered with blackened tomatoes and roasted garlic in a tangy chipotle sauce.

Accompaniments: pico de gallo (chunky red tomato salsa), sour cream

SPEEDY GONZALEZ - Chicken cooked in guajillo and ancho chilli, shredded then combined with roasted red capsicum, jalapeno chiles, and sweet corn.

Accompaniments: guacamole, salsa verde (green tomatillo salsa) and sliced pickled red onion.

CLAYTON LAMB - Lamb slow cooked with guajillo, chipotle and ancho chiles.

Accompaniments: Guacamole and coriander

THE FANTAPANTS - Chorizo, mushroom and potato tacos.

Accompaniments: Blackened tomato and tomatillo salsa, coriander, spring onion and rocket.

ROGER THE ARTFUL DODGER - Slow cooked free-range Berkshire Pork, marinated and cooked in a range of Mexican chiles and spices - ‘al pastor’ style.

Accompaniments: Fresh pineapple salsa


Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookie  

**Additional tacos and quesadillas can be purchased on the day**








Sorry we have to ask. You need to be 18 years old or over to enter.